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Dolphin Trek Xel-Há

Dolphin Trek®, Swim With Dolphins in Xel-Ha

In Xel-Ha is possible to walk on the seabed. With the help of modern technology that ensures maximum security, even non-swimmers can enjoy the experience of seeing the marine life of the most beautiful natural aquarium in the world. Surround yourself with colourful fish and the most varied and amazing vegetation of the Caribbean Sea. The Sea Trek® helmet allows you to breathe comfortably, naturally and safely under water. Sea Trek® diving requires no training; our experienced guides will accompany you during your walk underwater. Enjoy a walk like you never thought! Come to Xel-Há and enjoy a unique EXPERIENCE.

Introduction about dolphins: Aprox. 15 min
Interaction on platform: Aprox. 15 min.
Sea Trek® with Dolphins: Aprox. 30 min.
Wet Suit
Sea Trek® Helmet
Diving shoes
Dolphin Trek Xel-Há

Dolphin Trek®

A different way to swim with dolphins in Cancun and share the underwater world with the dolphins. Admire their movements under water; your contact with them will be more real than ever (duration 60 min.).

Monday to Sunday
10:15 a.m., 12:15 p.m., 2:45 p.m.

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- We do not recommend this activity for people with hearing problems, asthma, epilepsy, claustrophobia, hypertension, diabetes, heart problems. This activity is restricted for pregnant women.
- No need to know how to swim. The minimum age (8 years) may vary depending on the child's physique, as the helmet should fit perfectly.
- This activity is subject to weather conditions.
- To better serve you, please confirm your activity upon arrival to the park and choose your preferred schedule. During high season, activity schedules may vary according to our visitor´s needs. Please check the time table on the day of your visit.


Sea Trek® Sea Trek® Helmet Wet Suit Diving shoes
Sea Trek® Stingray
Dolphin Trek®