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Sea Trek Xel-Há

Stingray encounter | Activities in Xel-Há

Live a new adventure full of adrenaline where you will watch these majestic animals swimming with their amazing pectoral fins, which give the impression of being wings. Be part of their dance and swim with them! The safest activity with stingrays in the world where you will be able to interact with them, caress them, feed them and even take a picture with them.

These Rays came to Xel-Há and adopted the inlet as their home; they live in complete freedom and are totally harmless.

Come and live with them in a completely natural environment!

Welcome: 5 min Aprox.
Introduction on rays: 5 min Aprox.
Interaction with rays: 15 min Aprox.
Farewell: 5 min Aprox.
Small groups: 5 persons per encounter
Minimum Age: 5 years
Location: Natural scenery (open platform)
Sea Trek Xel-Há

Stingray encounter

For all who love and enjoy the marine life, Xel-Há offers a unique "Encounter with Rays" where you can interact with this unique species and learn about their biology, anatomy, habitat and their natural friendly manner. (Duration: 30 min).

Monday to Sunday
11:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m., 1:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m.

$4410 USD

Regular price $4900 USD

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- This activity is restricted for pregnant women and children under 4 years.
- This activity is subject to weather conditions.
- To better serve you, please confirm your activity upon arrival to the park and choose your preferred schedule. During high season, activity schedules may vary according to our visitor´s needs. Please check the time table on the day of your visit.
- Children between five and nine years old must be accompanied by an adult during the activity, both pay.