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Xel-Ha's family is proud of having over sixteen years of being responsible for the care, protection and conservation of this natural wonder. In our park, we all strive and constantly work to foster a culture of respect for life and diversity, in other words, the preservation of the environment and the rescue of ancient and cultural traditions.
In addition to promoting individual welfare and development of Mexican society, we are committed to our planet, which is why we maintain a program of repopulation, restoration and conservation of the ecosystem of the inlet.

Xel-Há Team


Xel-Há team

Partners, managers and employees in general confirm day by day,the commitment of preserving our heritage and share it with our visitors.

-Being the best natural water park in the world.
-Being a model company in sustainable tourist recreation and social responsibility.
-Being the best company to work in Mexico and one of the top 100 worldwide.
-Share with all visitors a magical, unique, invaluable and unforgettable experience in our natural wonder.

With turquoise waters as a scenario, Xel-Há is a unique set of inlets, lagoons and cenotes, arising from the longest underground river in the world. The world's most beautiful natural aquarium, a place to fill your senses with the wonderful colours of tropical fish and stunning marine vegetation that inhabits the inlet.