Chacah's Garden

Visit a place where celebrities have immortalized their visit

Chacah’s Garden was created to commemorate the celebrities who visit Xel-Há, inviting them to plant a Chacah tree and leave a brief thought for posterity engraved in stone by their tree.

According to a Mayan legend, there were two princes who were the greatest warriors of all time. The younger, Kinich, was gentle and kind and loved by all, while Tizic, the elder, was angry, taking strength from hatred stored in his heart. Both fell in love with the beautiful Nicté-Há and declared a duel to death to win her hand, but both brothers died in each other’s arms. In the spirit world they begged for the forgiveness of the gods and for an opportunity to return to the land of the living to see their beloved Nicté-Há again.

Tizic was reborn as a Chechén tree, whose black poison burns everything that comes near. Kinich was reborn as the Chacah, whose nectar sooths his brother’s venom. They solemnly protect Nicté-Há, who died of grief and returned to life as a beautiful white flower.

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