Power Xnorkel

Snorkel in a completely different way and watch the beautiful underwater landscape at Xel-Há

Power Xnorkel is an astounding way to experience the fascinating undersea landscape at the beautiful Xel-Há inlet.

Snorkel in a one-of-a-kind way as you take control of a small powerful jet. Dip into the inlet and drive by the water like a fish swims, with freedom of movements and while having great moments. Xel-Há is home for numerous native species and even is a sanctuary of the queen conch since there are continuous studies and census of this variety of specimens by several universities.

If you are looking for water activities, Power Xnorkel is one of the trendiest. With silent cutting-edge technology that is friendly with the environment and has the highest quality and security standards.

Along with a professional guide, at Power Xnorkel, you will have time to know how to drive the jet and practice for a while, by then snorkel on your own by the inlet. Each guide has been certified and gives you support during the whole activity time.

Xel-Há is much more than just a water park. Now you got the chance to enjoy one of the best activities in Riviera Maya and taking back home an outstanding experience while you explore the underwater landscape. Take the opportunity to dip into the inlet at Xel-Há and snorkel in a whole different way.

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