Stingray Encounter

Come to have a fantastic experience with the stingrays that made Xel-Há their home

Seize this fantastic opportunity of having a Stingray Encounter at Xel-Há park. Learn the particulars about this majestic species and feed the stingrays that inhabit the enormous inlet. The activity is in a secure environment, and you will snorkel in crystal clear waters of this natural wonder in Riviera Maya.

Swimming with stingrays is one of the outstanding water activities at Xel-Há, where you will have lots of fun as you watch their gracious movements nearby. Their fins' movement looks like wings as they swim by marine currents. Be part of the majestic dance while snorkeling in their habitat!

An expert guide will show you interesting facts about the stingray anatomy as you interact with some of these specimens. Learn about their habitat responsibly, plus knowing how they contribute to the ecosystem and their friendly nature.

There are limited spaces every day, so reserve in advance. Once you arrive at Xel-Há park, look for the activities desk for choosing the available schedule before enjoying the rest of the park. Have a terrific day at this beautiful natural place, which is much more than just a water park in Riviera Maya.

Stingray Encounter Xel-Há


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