About Xel-Há

If you haven’t visited this paradisiacal place in Riviera Maya, perhaps you want to know more about Xel-Há. It is a wondrous park that houses an iconic natural inlet that is home for several flora and fauna species, plus being relevant among the pre-Hispanic culture of the region during their splendor times.
Since ancient times, the native civilization discover this magnificent natural place. Xel-Há means ''where water is born'', since several underground rivers flow into the inlet at this wonder of nature.

Xel-Há Inlet

The Xel-Há inlet served in pre-Hispanic times as a shelter port, trade center and pilgrimage point, as well as being a food reserve during bad weather

To take care of this natural wonder in the Riviera Maya, the gods appointed three guardians: Huh, the iguana (Guardian of the Earth), Chuc Kay, the Pelican (Guardian of the Air) and Kay Op, the fish parrot (Guardian of the Water). To this day, they monitor the park and its visitors.

Activities at Xel-Há

This all-inclusive park in Tulum has a huge inlet where several underground rivers from the world's largest network flow. It is also home to various species, including four types of mangroves essential to the ecosystem.

Have unlimited snorkeling in Xel-Há in the river or go with the flow in an inflatable tube. Along the river, you will find attractions such as the Cliff of Courage, the Trepachanga, and the Salpichanga. At the Scenic Lighthouse, you will have the best view of Xel-Há and descend on a slide.

Xel-Há and the environment

Here is the Queen Conch Sanctuary, where the specimens that inhabit the cove are studied and recorded. In addition, there is a nursery with more than 270 species of native plants, some threatened.

In the Chacahs’ Garden, different celebrities have planted a tree of this species of great importance in the region. In the Meliponary lives this variety of an ancestral sacred bee that has no sting; also, a traditional ceremony takes place to harvest its honey.

Xel-Há All-Inclusive

Admission to Xel-Há Park includes unlimited food, beverages, and snorkeling. Enjoy its four buffet restaurants. You can also refresh yourself in one of the bars and try one of the special beverages that are the hallmark of the house. Xel-Há is a natural wonder that awaits you to enjoy a family day full of fun, appetizing food, and spectacular natural settings.