Xel-Há Photo Pass

Take home your best moments at Xel-Há Park! You have everything planned, and you're about to experience a day full of fun at a great all-inclusive park in the Riviera Maya. Forget about the details of bringing your camera or phone; with the Xel-Há Photo Pass, you'll have unlimited photos for you and your companions if you included them in the same package.

Get your photos from Xel-Há!

Enjoy Xel-Há Park to the fullest! Enhance your entry to this natural wonder with the Photo Pass. We've placed dozens of professional cameras with the best angles at essential points in the park, so you can activate them and get the best photos from Xel-Há, keeping your hands free.

How can I order photos from Xel-Há?

As easy as getting your Xel-Há Photo Pass online when purchasing your admissions to this great park in the Riviera Maya. You can also adapt your photo package and add other parks by Grupo Xcaret you are planning to visit and include all the people traveling with you. Get your Xel-Há photos in high definition and keep them forever as a souvenir of your Cancun vacation!

How to view Xel-Há Photos?

Leave all worries behind! When getting the Xel-Há Photo Pass, you can forget to carry all around the park your camera or mobile phone, trying to not get them wet. If some of your companions or you, want to explore or your own, you still can take some great pictures at the landmarks in Xel-Há. With your download code, you can access to your album for up to 30 days to get them on high definition on your computer, and share the code with your family.

Where can I purchase my Xel-Há pictures?

When buying your admissions to Xel-Há, add the Photo Pass that includes everyone coming with you and the number of parks you’ll be visiting. You’ll get your package for a single price! Purchase your Xel-Há pictures online and get a special discount!

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Xel-Há Photo Pass online price

Does not include photos of activities with dolphins, drone photo or archaeological zones.

Add your Photo Pass to your purchase.

FAQ’s about Xel-Há Photo Pass

  • After your visit, and within a maximum of 24 hours, your photos from your day at Xel-Há will be ready to download from your Xcaret account. Also, you can get them at our photo site. Enter your code and access the albums included in your package to download them in high-definition to your computer or share them directly on your social media from the Xcaret App.
  • A flexible photo package to have the best images of your day at Xel-Há. With a single Photo Pass, you can include all members of your family and also consider the other parks of Grupo Xcaret that you will visit on your vacation. Just remember that if you hire any Optional Activity, the photos are not part of this package.
  • Get a discount by purchasing your Xel-Há Photo Pass online when buying your park tickets. Your photos will be available for 30 natural days, and you can download them as many times as you want; just remember to notify us at the ticket booth so we can link your access code to your bracelets. If you forgot to include your photo package, you can purchase them via our Customer Service Center or at the Xel-Há ticket booths on the day of your visit.
  • For the same price, all your companions can take as many photos as they want and in the number of parks they have included in the photo package. It is also very useful not to have to carry a camera or cell phone, considering that in some areas, carrying objects in hand is not allowed for your safety.
  • Yes, you can still get them, although it will take some time to recover the pictures and perhaps some might get lost. We strongly recommend you to purchase your Photo Pass in advance and fully enjoy your day at Xel-Há.