Sustainability and environmental protection

Xel-Há, as part of Grupo Xcaret, contributes decisively to promoting care, conservation, and respect for nature and the environment at the park.

Sustainability Model by Grupo Xcaret

Grupo Xcaret's sustainability model is a series of actions aimed at conserving, disseminating, and developing the natural heritage. We intend to share amazing experiences with the world that we can carry out in our surroundings and ensure the lowest environmental impact.

Xel-Há Park and Sustainability

Xel-Há Park is considered a Natural Wonder of Mexico due to the great natural wealth of flora and fauna, both terrestrial and aquatic, that make up its unique ecosystem. As part of Grupo Xcaret, we follow firm commitments to the environment and seek a minimum impact on nature.

Sustainability Programs

• Manatee Conservation Program
• Mangrove Project for Reforestation and Rehabilitation of the Nichupté Lagoon System
• Scarlet Macaw Conservation Program
• Creation of the Riviera Maya Forest Nursery
• Southern Stingray Research Program
• Sea Turtle Conservation Program
• Green School Project (Reforestation of Public Schools in Quintana Roo)
• Environmental Education Program
• Coral Reproduction Program
• Ten Reproduction Programs: Pink Flamingo, Great Green Macaw, Rainbow-billed Toucan, Crested Guan, Quetzal, Nurse Shark, Butterflies, Mexican Parrot, Tapir, and the Great Curassow.

Other actions taken

• Comprehensive water management with more than 600,000 liters of treated water per day on an annual average.
• Responsible management of solid waste with the recovery of 70% of it for recycling.
• Reforestation efforts, producing more than 130,000 native Southeast plants per year, with more than 70% being used for reforestation in parks and sites open to the public.
• Energy saving and eficient use of resources program.
• Supporting Save the Children’s playrooms in the municipalities of Tulum and Solidaridad in the Riviera Maya.

Sustainability as the pathway to take

We are convinced that it is the only way to continue offering unforgettable experiences to present and future generations inspired by respect for life, nature, and culture.